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1st International Experiential Conference on Applied Teaching

The Scientific and Cultural Association "eκπ@ιδευτικός κύκλος" is organizing, in collaboration with the Department of Administration of Secondary Education of the Regional Unity of Drama, the Prefecture of Drama, the Municipality of Drama, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Democritus University of Thrace and the University of Macedonia the:

1 st International Experiential Conference on Applied Teaching with the topic:

"Innovative Applications in Teaching Practice"
The conference will take place from 27 up to 29 November 2015
in Drama.

The creative way of teaching various subjects by applying innovative ideas enriches and strengthens the educational work and opens the door to a school that seeks continuous improvement, change and the ability to adapt to new circumstances. In this context, the educational community is invited to efficiently manage modern, experiential, innovative teaching methods in order to contribute significantly to the improvement of the education provided.
The conference aims to provide a public forum in order to highlight innovative good practices, didactic innovations and modern pedagogical orientations in didactic and teaching of courses taught in Primary and Secondary Education as well as in Adult Education.
The papers / announcements will be mostly experiential in nature. They will apply to groups of participants / teachers and they will have the form of microteaching ( duration: 20’ ). After the completion of each microteaching, discussion will follow and we will get feedback from the teaching process. At the same time keynotes and presentations will be presented via videoconferencing, especially for contributors from abroad.
The conference aims to encourage and promote communication and development of effective and productive dialogue between teachers of primary and secondary education, adult educators, scientists and researchers, and in general all those people interested in teaching educational objects in innovative ways.

Topic Area
The conference focuses on the following topics:

    Innovative and alternative practices, approaches and methods, in didactics, teaching and education in general.
    Design and implementation of teaching plans for teaching courses of Primary and Secondary Education.
    Methods and practical applications that develop creative learning, critical, emotional, moral thinking, social, intercultural and political skills and emotional intelligence of students.
    Teaching methodology of Special Education.
    Teaching approaches and Adult Education techniques.
    Teaching approaches and methods of Distance Learning.
    Teaching approaches and techniques of online synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Target Group
    Teachers of Primary and Secondary Education.
    Adult Educators.
    Scientists and Researchers with an interest in Didactics of courses taught in Primary and Secondary Education.
    Students of Teaching Faculty.

Call for Papers
Complete articles of two types may be submitted to the Conference:
    Teaching Project paper &
    Research Project paper.
on the topics of the Conference.  All papers submitted will be evaluated via the blind paper evaluation method.
Paper submission
The papers for evaluation should be submitted through the website http://www.educircle.gr/synedrio/ by clicking the “button” "Paper Submission" till the 30th of May 2015. Detailed information about the submission process and the format of the manuscripts to be evaluated as well as information on the papers to be published on Conference Proceedings will be found by clicking the “button” "Instructions to Authors".

All papers to be submitted for evaluation should be original - not published anywhere else in Greek or any other language. In addition, they should satisfy the criteria of innovation, feasibility, scientific and pedagogical completeness.

Conference Participants
During the Conference there will be three (3) groups of participants: a) the rapporteurs of Microteaching b) the delegates who will participate in experiential Microteaching as learners (class simulation) and c) delegates - observers of experiential Microteaching.
Delegates who wish to participate in experiential Microteaching as learners will be able to join specific Microteaching procedures after the announcement of the Conference program.

Entry Fees
The fee to participate in the Experiential Conference as delegate-teacher is 40 euros, as delegate-learner in experiential Microteaching is 20 euros and for students 10 euros. The participation of delegates - observers, wishing to receive a Certificate of attendance and the dossier of the Conference, is 20 euros and for students 10 euros. The registration includes the dossier of the Conference, writing materials, the program, the teaching projects that will be presented during the Conference, Certificate of participation and / or Paper presentation and brochures.

The fee to participate as a rapporteur should be paid until September 10th, 2015 to the bank account of the Association "eκπ@ιδευτικός κύκλος" on the National Bank of Greece IBAN: GR 36  0110 3370 0000 3370 0148 183 (BIC CODE : ETHNGRAA), in the name of the President of the Association "eκπ@ιδευτικός κύκλος" Mr. S.Kioulanis and the treasurer of the Association Mr. P.Theodoridis. Then the bank receipt should be sent electronically to the email of the Association "eκπ@ιδευτικός κύκλος" The fee to participate as non-rapporteurs delegate can be filed up in the same bank account till the Conference's opening day or during the Conference.
Parallel Actions
The School Year 2015-2016 in the Department of Administration of Secondary Education of the Regional Unity of Drama under the general title of "Learning experientially, collaborate and build the school of the future" will be dedicated to experiential learning, collaboration and free and creative expression. Therefore, alongside the Congress a project on "Learning experientially, collaborate and build the school of the future" will be implemented.
The key elements of this project will be:
    A Research investigating the training needs of teachers,
    Central lectures will be broadcasted via live streaming,
    Series of experiential workshops, tailored to the needs and interests of participants,
    Asynchronous distance learning.
Briefing – Information
For the new announcements of the Conference procedures you are kindly requested to follow the official website of the Scientific and Cultural Association "eκπ@ιδευτικός κύκλος" at http://www.educircle.gr/synedrio.

Part of the Conference procedure will be broadcast via Live Streaming.
Important dates
May 30, 2015 : Paper Submission deadline
July 1, 2015 : Notification of paper acceptance or rejection
July 2, 2015 : Early Registration
September 15, 2015 : Announcement of the Program
September 16, 2015 : Early Registration of participants in Experiential Microteaching
November 27-29, 2015 : Conference Dates
December 30, 2015 : Full Paper Submission deadline (for the Conference Proceedings)
January 2016 : Web-accessible archive for the proceedings of the Conference

May 2016 : After Conference Workshop
Address       : Pirrou 2, Postal Code 66100, Drama
Information  : S. Kioulanis
Telephone    :+302521351224-23
FAX             :+302521351293
E-mail         :
Url              :http://www.educircle.gr

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